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Electric Eyes | Purple & Teal – Electric Palette

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the summer! For me im having a lot going on at home so there haven’t been a lot of time for me to blog or anything! But ive manage to get up a new tutorial! This is one of my favorites when it come [...]

Nails by Drommelakken

Hello Lovelies! It´s saturday and that means my regular nailart post is up! I´m trying my best to … [Read More...]

The Self Taught MUA

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the summer! For me im having a lot … [Read More...]

Beauty Box A – Z

There are literally 100s of Beauty Box Subscriptions available if you do not live in the U.S.A. If … [Read More...]

Indie Boxes

If Indie is more your thing then check out this list of Indie Brand Beauty Boxes. I will try to keep … [Read More...]

TAG Tuesday

Ah what a week! All those … [Read More...]

DIY – Mint Lip Balm

Glam It Up Monday!

Happy Monday to all! I almost … [Read More...]

Viva La Diva: Summer Spring 2015 Nailpolish Swatches

Hi, so I´m finally back from hospital! A bit reduced and still under the surveillance of doctors, but back! So I´m trying to catch up on some of the blogwork that was neglected while I was away. One of the first things on my agenda is the Viva La Diva Summer Spring 2015 nailpolish swatches […]

Viva La Diva: Spring Summer Collection 2015

A couple of weeks ago The MUH Blog received a lovely care package from Swedish brand Viva La Diva. They had sent us the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection to review! Our International readers may not be familiar with this brand but they are a reasonably popular Scandinavian brand, sold in stores such as Cubus, Åhléns and KICKS. […]

Glam It Up Monday!

Ah its that time of the week again, Monday has arrived. This Monday is the start of my summer holidays! (with the exception of a few clients this week) The summer has been crazy so far and I just can´t wait to jet off to the UK to get some makeup shopping done! So I […]

In Memory: Carly Jade aka Ceejayell Beauty Blog

Lene is still not back with us yet, recovering from her sickness and hospital stay. I had planned to post the review of The Balm goodies I was gifted by The Balm EU but in light of recent events I wanted to do something that The Makeup Honey Blog NEVER does. Today we are having […]

Shine Like A Star

Hi guys! Today I have a new step by step tutorial to share with you! This is such an easy look and i love the sparkle in the middle of the eye lid! So the products you will need for this step by step are: MAC “Always Sunny” MAC “Handwritten” Kim Cosmetic “Shine Like […]

Help: Clear Skin Part 4

It is now 21 days since I started drinking the magic juice and I am noticing serious results! My skin is actually starting to look good! I even wore a light coverage foundation for a job interview today. I am so pleased that something started to happen! Not only have I not had any eruptions […]

Happy Monday to all! We are still a woman down at The Makeup Honey Blog as our lovely Lene is still sick and the last we heard from her she was comparing her manicure to the colour of the hospital food, so at least she is in good spirits. So why not stop by her Instagram […]

Help: Clear Skin Part 3

Hello to all! You have probably noticed that we are running a few days behind our regular posting schedule over here at The Makeup Honey Blog. We are very sorry and I (Sian) am trying to catch up. Our wonderful Lene has been taken into the hospital, hopefully it is nothing serious and she will […]

How To Get That Perfect Winged Liner

How many times have you been struggling with that eyeliner? Belive me i’ve been there, doing you liner can be so hard, and you many times end up wiping everything off again because you put liner everywhere. Well no more! If you just invest in a good brush and a good gel liner i […]

It´s monday and are we ready for some glam? Yes yes yes!! It´s the first week of June and although it´s supposed to be summer it´s raining and cold here in Bergen, I don´t know how Sian and Nadine is fareing, but yes, here in Bergen it´s more like early spring than summer, bummer. Which […]

Woodchip Nails

For todays nails I thought it would be fun to do a woodchip textured design. Just for the fun of it! The base colour for this design is OPI ´You´re so Vain-illa´ from their 2014 Coca Cola Collection and the brown polish I´ve used over it is Zoya ´Emilia´ from their 2014 Naturel 2 Collection. […]

A Pop Of Summer

Hi Guys! So today i wanted to show you a quick tutorial on this look here! Its a super easy one that you can play around with and mix colors! Its for those of you who dont feel so comfortable using a lot of colors, but wanna try it out. Well here you […]

Life’s Entropy: Galaxy Glow Illuminators

Life’s Entropy has been on my radar for a while but I have taken my sweet time about getting around to trying them. I finally splurged when they released their range of highlighters a few weeks ago.Highlighters are not something I usually experiement with. I have my HG products (Too Face Candlelight Glow and Soap […]

“Help: Clear Skin” Part 2

So it is time for our “Help: Works With Water” weekly check in! Both Lene and I have been testing out the drink which claims to heal acne from within. Part 1 is here, we have been drinking the drink now for 7 days, so lets see if we can see any improvements. My biggest […]

Nude Blue Leopard

It´s saturday which means a new naildesign! And today I´ve done a classic leopard pattern in midnight blue and a gold shimmering nude, both from the Depend Spring 2015 minipolish collection. The midnight blue I´m wearing is Depend 428, the gold shimmering nude is Depend 432 and the gold shimmering light brown is Depend […]

Tutorial Using Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Hi Guys! So today I wanted to share this easy beautiful tutorial with you, its been a while since I last postet a youtube tutorial but now its here and this time im speaking english! Im not sure this is something I will continue to do, but im going to se how the respons to […]

“Help: Clear Skin” part 1

This is how you are used to seeing me and this is how I look 80% of the time, not bad right? Nice smooth skin, even skin tone, rose cheeks and nicely shaped lips. (Also I finally sorted out my roots! Yay new hair colour!) But if I wipe off my makeup and reveal the true condition […]

Dupe Edition: Lime Crime Alternatives

This is the last post I will make which references Lime Crime products, the company, or their existence in any way shape or form. Now that declaration is out of the way, lets get down to it. I do not (thankfully) own a vast amount of Lime Crime products but for the ones I do […]

Liquid Courage Cosmetics: Matte Lipstick

On Thursday I posted about Liquid Courage Cosmetics and swatched the Lip Lacquer Collection. Now I am back again with more Liquid Courage but this time it’s all about the matte. Since we did the “who what and where” about the brand already let’s get right down to the products. I have to apologize in […]

White and Gold Flash Tattoo Inspired Nails

Summer is coming! Well, not here in Norway though! The weather is on and off and it´s still pretty cold, last year summer started in May and kept on being nice throughout the summer, looks like that´s not the case this year. But still! I have been inspired by all of the gorgeous flash tattoos that are […]